• Psychotherapy: individuals and couples; in office and by telephone
  • Consultations with Psychotherapists and training Psychotherapists
  • Professional presentations


  • Symptom and stress relief: anxiety, depression, worry, sorrow, self-defeat, addiction, anger…
  • Improved relationships: kindness, diplomacy, tolerance, compromise, forgiveness, sexuality
  • Discovery of the unconscious’s hidden influence (repetition compulsion, “microdot”)
  • Reconciliation, integration, resolution of inner, often unconscious conflicts, aspects, and parts
  • Harmony with inner higher and lower parts of the self: both are enriching and indispensable
  • Expansion, therefore, of mindful awareness, astute choices, and elegant actions
  • Maturity, self-reliance, balance, centeredness, and present moment strategies
  • Therapeutic disillusionment: progressing beyond futile illusions and magical thinking
  • Therapeutic deflation of the demanding and entitled ego: developing realistic humility
  • Self-forgiveness and acceptance, therefore, for being merely flawed and often mistaken
  • Acceptance of life’s dilemmas, with the risk/rewards and cost/benefits of enlightened choices
  • “Calamortunity”: utilizing adversity-pain-failure to enhance insight, performance, and happiness
  • Deeper understanding of paradox, “meaning of life,” and higher consciousness
  • Unreasonable Happiness,” which transcends adversity, loss, pain, suffering, and linear “reason”
  • Getting” and getting over life’s “Cosmic Joke.”  We’re all fooled, at first.
  • Integration of profound insights with your chosen religion or spirituality
  • Optimal lifestyle, with alcohol, substance, and nicotine freedom