APPROACH: “JUST BE KIND”: The essence of deep awakening is the cultivation of an over-all attitude of gentle respect and kindness, towards others and oneself.

METHODS: I utilize paradoxical, cognitive, existential, psychodynamic, interpersonal, Jungian, positive, and other modalities.  After four decades, I’ve developed a few short-cuts to hasten the  process, but it still takes time.  Although profound change is challenging, it is also simple.  You can do this.  There are no prerequisites.  You already possess all the resourses you need, within. Although it is uncommon, it is natural for you to develop such wisdom.

INSIGHT: Profound wisdom is insightful, enigmatic, unconventional, and simple.  “Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.”(C.G. Jung)  You will discover that you are the sole and unconscious playwright of your life, each moment, regardless of outside “realistic” factors.  It’s all about choice.  This insight will open your eyes and give you the option to forego immature neurotic payoffs and choose to “author” your life more mindfully, profoundly, astutely, and authentically.

We will strive for the healing of inner change by correcting misassumptions and unconscious repetitions, and by enhancing maturity, self-reliance, strength, resilience, balance, acceptance, compromise, gratitude, strategy, humility, therapeutic disillusionment, and present moment awareness.

OPENNESS: Please feel free to feel and say anything here.  You will not be ciritcized.  Rather, the atmosphere is one of collaboration, honesty, curiosity, exploration, respect, equality, empathy, gentleness, life-long learning, and innovation.

Couples need to agree that what is said here will not be held against each other at home, where, hopefully, you will reprise the time when you wooed each other with kindness, gentleness, affection, preciousness, gratitude, diplomacy, non-criticism, humor curiosity, wonder, and, … oh yes,… love.  Remember?

MEDICATIONS-HEALTH: Growth can, indeed, be enhanced by careful, light, and, if possible, time-limited medications.  Substance-freedom and self-reliance remain the ideal, however.  You may have noticed that quick escapes and easy solutions often lead us, unwittingly, into further inner imprisonment.  It is only by facing the pain and reality of life that we can begin the crucial internal changes that enable us to find our authentic selves and become “unreasonably happy”… that is, beyond usual reason.  Deep maturity is much more fun.